The Skater's Edge


Beyond the mind-blowing jumps and spins, skating is next known for its style! The Skater’s Edge is Buffalo’s home for Mondor, FreidaB, Jerry’s, Chloe Noel, and DelArbour skating apparel.

Dressing for success applies on the ice as well as in the real world. We’re happy to help you find that perfect dress for your next competition, showcase, test session, or ice show. If you need a warm practice outfit we can find a jacket and pants to match! We have a wide array of tights to keep you warm whatever you’re wearing.

Men, we haven’t forgotten you! We have skating dress pants for you and a rotating stock of competition or test tops from one of our designers.

Don’t see a color you like? Find the perfect item, but not in your size? We are always happy to place a special order if we have sufficient time before your event to do so.


Skating Dresses

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Skating Jackets


Skating Pants & Leggings