The Skater's Edge

 Skating Dresses

“It’s not about the dress you wear, but the life you lead in that dress.“ - Diana Vreeland

The Skater’s Edge currently carries dresses from Chloe Noel, Jerry’s, and Mondor. We have a variety of styles, prints, and colors to suit every skater’s style! Dresses are assorted, have a wide range of sleeve lengths, skirt designs, and can be made from or lined with a variety of materials. Polartec and fleece are designed for warmth, while velvet, Supplex, nylon, or polyester/spandex blends are more lightweight and breathable.

We also have a rotating selection from notable designers, Del Arbour and FreidaB! Every odd month or so we send our dresses back to them, and we then receive a new shipment. This is an excellent way to see how their apparel fits your body and we can then special order your perfect costume for your next program or test! Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery to take part in this offer.

Here’s a taste! Stop in frequently to see our complete selection!

Don’t see something you like? Ask us about ordering in your selection. We would be happy to help you!