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Recreational Sets

Everyone can enjoy their own recreational skate!

Young skaters will benefit from just the right amount of support in our lower level skates. Designed to meet the skater’s skating level, usually as the skater grows out of a pair of skates their skills in their lessons will advance to the point where purchasing the next level up will naturally happen at their next fitting. Depending on several factors such as current skills, skater’s build, and how often the skater is on the ice, skates on this page will usually suit skaters from their first steps through their first couple single-rotation jumps.

If you are an adult looking for maximum comfort, or for just a little bit more support these skates will serve you well!

If you are a recreational skater just not happy with rental skates, something here will appeal to you, too!

How do you pick your skate? With the help of fitting experts at The Skater’s Edge during your fitting appointment!

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Jackson Skate

Made in Canada since 1966, Jackson Skates are all about the best fit for your performance.

Jackson’s range of recreational skates are great value skates for getting started.

Each skate’s boot has a support level that we match to the skater, and each skate’s blade corresponds with that skill level— giving you just what you need.



Since 1945 Riedell makes skating available to people of all ages and abilities by creating comfortable and affordable skates.

Their recreational skate line offers comfort and support to get skaters started and help them through their first stages of skating lessons.

The Skater’s Edge is a Riedell-authorized skate dealer and service center.