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Hockey Skate Services

Hockey Sharpening

Apprenticed under Dan Petri, Claire is both the owner and expert skate sharpener for The Skater’s Edge. Your blade’s edges are the only point of contact you have with the ice, and you need to know you can count on them to be smooth and level for optimum performance. Although we primarily cater to figure skaters, Claire has developed a reputation among hockey players for her precision and consistency in sharpening. We can sharpen to your preferred hollow and have you back on the ice in no time.

  • Hockey Skates: $10.00

  • Goalie Skates: $12.00

  • Rust removal: +5.00

If something isn’t right once you’re on the ice, tell us!! We will want to make it right.

Bumping and Heat Molding

Sometimes skates just hurt.

They aren’t supposed to.

The Skater’s Edge offers a variety of comfort adjustments that we can make to the skate boot to better fit your foot.

  • Bumping: $3.00 (per bump)

  • Heat molding: $30.00

Bumping and heat molding need the skater at the store so they can provide feedback. Heat molding we need the manufacturer’s specifications as to how hot to heat the boot and for how long.

Rocker Radiusing, a.k.a. Profiling or Contouring

One of the only pro shops offering this service in the WNY area, Claire takes great pride in offering this specialty service. Typically done only to new skates/new steel, profiling is setting the curve and positioning of the curve on the blade to your playing preferences. Common profile patterns include 7’, 9’, 11’, and 13’, with 28’, and straight profiles available for goalies.

Not sure which radius you need? We can talk you through your options and make suggestions based on your height, weight, and playing position. Have a pair of skates you just can’t let go? Claire has copied the radius of old skates and put that profile on a new pair with great results. Factory profile working, but need just a bit taken off the toe or the heel? We can do that, too. Profiling is a multi-step process, so please plan on leaving your skates with us for a day or two.

  • Profiling: $40.00

    • Includes profile and your preferred hollow sharpening

  • Toe/heel rounding: $20.00

Keep in mind, like any change to your skates this will take some adjusting on your part, but if something just isn’t working please let us know. We will want to make it right!

Rivet Replacement

Rivets are under a lot of stress holding the blades to the boot. Combined with exposure to moisture from the ice and from the sweat of your feet, they can wear down and occasionally need replacement.

We can help with that!

  • Steel rivets: $4.00 (each)

  • Copper rivets: $5.00 (each)

Need something done that you don’t see featured here?

Call 716-636-3000, or send an email to and we’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of what you need taken care of and how we can be of service.