The Skater's Edge

Figure Skate Services

Skate Sharpening

Apprenticed under Dan Petri, Claire is both the owner and expert skate sharpener for The Skater’s Edge. Your blade’s edges are the only point of contact you have with the ice, and you need to know you can count on them to be smooth and level for optimum performance. We sharpen your skates with precision and consistency, and to your preferred hollow.

  • Recreational Figure Skates: $10.00

  • Competitive Figure Skates: $15.00

  • Rust removal: +5.00

If something isn’t right once you’re on the ice, tell us!! We will want to make it right.

Skate Blade Mounting

For skates that come as separate boot and blade, they will need to be mounted before skating.

Mounting skates is a specialized process where we place them centered to the boot but then position them for your alignment and balance. This can take a few tries and adjustments, and we can even have you skate on them before putting them in their final position.

  • Ice blade mount and positioning: $15.00

  • Blade removal: $9.50

  • Silicone treatment: $5.00

  • Full remount (with silicone and sno-seal): $35.00

Claire is trained in mounting for Edea, Jackson, and Riedell boots with all types of blades: Eclipse, John Wilson, Matrix, MK, Paramount, and Revolution.

With boots and blades purchased from The Skater’s Edge, this is a complimentary service.

With boots that have experienced moisture damage or slipping screws we can remount your blades after restoring the boot surface underneath.

Skate Fitting

Fitting a skater for skates is not like fitting someone for shoes.

Figure skates are supposed to have a snug, supportive fit. Each brand and design of figure skates fits a little differently. Put both of those together with matching the skate to the skater’s skill level and body type and you have a full-time job! Let us take the guesswork off your plate and fit your skater for their perfect skate. We are dedicated to comfort and performance and can work to accommodate your special needs.

  • Fitting with same-day boot/skate purchase or order: Complimentary of The Skater’s Edge

  • Fitting without skate purchase or order: $20.00

Bump, Stretch & Heat Mold

Sometimes skates just hurt.

They aren’t supposed to.

The Skater’s Edge offers a variety of comfort adjustments that we can make to the skate boot to better fit your foot. Most of these are done with you before you and your new pair of skates leave the store, but we can also do some of these adjustments to older skates as well.

  • Bumping: $3.00 (per bump)

  • Stretching: $12.00 (we will ask to keep the skates at least overnight if not for a couple days)

  • Heat molding: $30.00

Bumping and heat molding need the skater at the store so they can provide feedback. Stretching only requires the skater for pickup to determine whether further adjustment is necessary.

Skate Hardware

  • Hook replacement: $10

  • Eyelet installation: $12

Need something done that you don’t see featured here?

Call 716-636-3000, or send an email to and we’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of what you need taken care of and how we can be of service.